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George Cain – FDNY Firefighter, Civil War Buff, and Hero

On that horrific September day in 2001, we lost nearly three thousand in New York City, Arlington, and Shanksville – businessmen and women, security guards, tourists, first responders, and countless others. Of these, 343 were firefighters of the Fire Department … Continue reading

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Weekly Whitman: Old Ireland

Written in 1861, this poem makes special mention of the Union volunteers who lived in New York City. The Irish Diaspora had been bringing the Irish to the shores of America since the 1840s. The Civil War, twenty years later, … Continue reading

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Weekly Whitman: Certain Civilians

No one is sure exactly who the “certain civilian” mentioned in the title of this poem might be, but my guess is that it was some young man who hung out at Pfaff’s Cellar on Broadway, near Bleeker Street. According … Continue reading

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Weekly Whitman: “Beat! beat! drums!”

“Beat! beat! drums!” is another early war poem urging Walt Whitman’s beloved New York City to take up arms. Whitman wrote many of these, and never regretted any of them, even if he later saw war as quite different than … Continue reading

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Barnum’s Christmas Show in 1864

If you wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas, then heading to Barnum’s American Museum for the 1864 holiday season is just the ticket! I find it fascinating to take a closer look at the culture of the Civil War era and … Continue reading

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“This Momentous Day”: Presidential Elections & Process in 19th Century New York City

These last few weeks I’ve been reading George Templeton Strong’s diaries. The New York lawyer recorded a variety of topics in his extensive volumes; election days and politics often made the pages. Instead of getting into the details of each … Continue reading

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“Dreadful Scenes Enacted In The City”: The New York Draft Riots

Although deep in northern territory, New York City’s war sentiments were not heavily pro-Union. The merchants and businessmen of the city looked on the conflict with displeasure from the beginning since it interrupted their commerce and trade with Southern states … Continue reading

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The Historic Harbors

A couple of weeks ago I attended a leadership retreat where a speaker touted the longtime importance of Hampton Roads as a harbor and host to very important events in American history. This got me thinking: what are the most … Continue reading

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The Second City

The Civil War defined America – that statement is heard often in many quarters. We use that phrase in ECW’s tagline. Many effects from that conflict are quite visible in today’s America, while others are not as apparent at first … Continue reading

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For Presidents Day

Although not one of the presidents typically associated with Presidents Day, here are a couple of quick snapshots from a weekend visit to Ulysses S. Grant’s burial site in New York City.  

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