April 2022 Maine at War posts

In April 2022 my Maine at War blog examined topics ranging from a suspected murder to Baltimore Unionists who befriended a Maine regiment passing through while en route to the war.

An 1862 lithograph depicts Baltimore as seen from the north, looking south past the Washington Monument toward the harbor. (Library of Congress)

April 6, 2022: Augusta CSI pursues a soldier’s killer

When a man’s partially clad body was discovered on a farm near Augusta (the state capital), Maine authorities investigated the apparent murder. Testimony presented to a grand jury revealed what likely happened.

April 13, 2022: The Baltimore incident, part 1

A Unionist family befriended the 10th Maine Infantry boys as they briefly sojourned in Baltimore while en route to the war. By caring for a seriously ill Mainer, the family restored his health — and his comrades did not forget the kindness.

April 19, 2022: The Baltimore incident, part 2

After mustering out in late April 1863, the 10th Maine Infantry lads caught a train from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore. While there for a night, the regiment’s senior officers visited their Unionist friends from fall 1861. That visit resulted in a singular honor bestowed on the family.

April 27, 2022: Suicide by Sea

Crowded aboard an outbound steamer in early October 1861, soldiers of the 10th Maine Infantry Regiment watched as a desperate comrade hovered between life and death.

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