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ECW Weekender: Belle Isle State Park (on the Rappahannock)

Mention Belle Isle to a Civil War buff and images of the prison camp on the island near Richmond will probably come to mind. But…over Labor Day weekend I took a drive along the Rappahannock River to find a different … Continue reading

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Captain Emile Locoul and the Defense of St. James Parrish

Emile Locoul was a third generation Louisiana plantation owner. He was considered a Creole, which in Louisiana meant a person’s whose ancestors came when Louisiana was a colony and who maintained the colonial traditions. Most Creoles were of French, Spanish, … Continue reading

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What Was So Wrong with Slavery?

“What was so wrong with slavery and why did it cause the Civil War?” This question was asked of a seasonal park ranger at the Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center a few years ago. This question was asked by a white … Continue reading

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