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Question of the Week: 2/21-2/27/22

Happy Presidents’ Day! If you could visit the home of a U.S. President connected to the Civil War, which would you choose? Why?

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Happy Presidents Day 2020 from Emerging Civil War

Traditionally celebrated with acknowledgements to Washington and Lincoln, we’ve prepared a photo and an account from the Civil War to mark the holiday…

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Question of the Week: 2/17-2/23/2020

Imagine this…you have to time travel and talk with any former U.S. President about the American Civil War. Who will you spend your hour with? What questions do you want to ask them related to the Civil War or Reconstruction?

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Presidents’ Day – A Few Quotes

As the holiday weekend draws to a close, we offer quotes from the first president and the sixteenth president. One helped found the nation, the other fought to reunite a divided country – both key presidential moments in U.S. History.

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Question of the Week: 2/18-2/24/19

Happy Presidents’ Day! Though originally established to celebrate George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays, it is now sometimes enlarged to remember all U.S. Presidents. So…who is your favorite Civil War veteran who served as U.S. President? Why? (Ulysses S. Grant, … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 2/19-2/25/18

What’s your favorite historic site to visit related to Lincoln? Washington? Happy President’s Day from all the authors and editors at Emerging Civil War!

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From Civil War to Civil Rights, and Some Thoughts on Sleeping In

My university used to hold classes on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day—a policy I wholeheartedly supported. I used the opportunity to spend time in my writing classes looking at the masterful craftsmanship of King’s rhetoric. People tend to remember him … Continue reading

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Happy Presidents’ Day 2017!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday, celebrating favorite presidents in American history! Looking for some articles about Washington and Lincoln?

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