Question of the Week: 2/21-2/27/22

Happy Presidents’ Day!

If you could visit the home of a U.S. President connected to the Civil War, which would you choose? Why?

9 Responses to Question of the Week: 2/21-2/27/22

  1. Because of my current research activity, the man whose home I would like to visit: William Walker, American President… of Nicaragua. Walker was one of the more persistent filibusters, and to step inside his home, peruse his private library, examine his Letterbook and correspondence… would be most revealing. [Follow the money, and the people of influence.] It is my belief that many of the same people who supported Walker became leaders in the Confederate States of America:

  2. I know Eisenhower was born well after but why not visit his home for a couple of hours then spend the rest of the week in Gettysburg?The same for GW’s fathers farm across the river from Fredericksburg…win win !

  3. I’ve been to a small handful of them, and they’re all great. The one that I want mist to go to,that I haven’t is Sagamore Hill, Theodore Roosevelt’s home, after that, I think Quincy, Massachusetts and and Adams.

  4. Andrew Johnson… the only US Congressman from a seceded state to remain in Congress and commit himself and his constituents to the Union. Total badass and apparently a fantastical, populist orator. Also he was a Jacksonian Democrat, which would be interesting to chat about.

  5. Even though I have been there many times, I can not get enough of Abraham Lincoln’s home. I wish they would let you have more time in the house but since it’s done with timed tours I can’t. He is my favorite president. He wasn’t given enough credit for what he did all through his presidency since so many were so critical of him. It didn’t take him long to catch on when he came into the mess left by Buchanan.

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