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The “One-Battle” Syndrome

As we approach the anniversary of the battle of First Manassas in July, 1861 I want to touch on what I term the “One Battle Syndrome.” The thinking on both sides in 1861, from generals to politicians to privates, was … Continue reading

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Mistake or Cover Up? Seven Pines, May 31, 1862

In late May 1862 George McClellan’s massive army was at the outskirts of Richmond, trying to move a few miles closer to the city so it could employ its massive siege guns. Confederate commander Joseph E. Johnston was desperately searching … Continue reading

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Seven Pines and Seven Days: Robert E. Lee Replaces “Old Joe” Johnston (part one)

(Part one of three) Late May 1862. General George B. McClellan’s massive Army of the Potomac stood at the very gates of Richmond. There had never been an army like this in North America before. McClellan had more than 100,000 … Continue reading

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Lost Battlefields: Seven Pines, Part 1

In a series of articles author Doug Crenshaw will explore some of the battlefields in central Virginia that appear to be lost forever to development. In today’s installment, Doug looks at the Battlefield of Seven Pines.  I hear it all too often: … Continue reading

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On Location: The Wounding of Joe Johnston

Back in January, ECW contributor Doug Crenshaw did some research for us on the location of Joe Johnston’s wounding at the battle of Seven Pines. While visiting the Richmond-area battlefields with him earlier this month, we decided to go On Location at … Continue reading

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Tracking Down the Wounding of Joe Johnston

We are pleased to welcome back guest author Doug Crenshaw, who shares with us today a bit of original research. It’s something that has puzzled me for years. The wounding of Joe Johnston was an event that changed the course … Continue reading

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Sketches from the Shenandoah: The Death of Robert Rodes

One of James Taylor’s sketches was that of the death of Robert Rodes at the Battle of Third Winchester on September 19, 1864. Rodes was a native of Virginia and graduate of the Virginia Military Institute. He would fight at … Continue reading

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