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Under Fire: Conclusion

Wow! This series ran nearly a month, and so many great accounts and perspectives were shared by ECW authors and guest authors over the last few weeks. Thank you to all the writers and to all the readers and commenters … Continue reading

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Under Fire: “I never witnessed a battle field before”

ECW welcomes back guest author Jeff T. Giambrone As darkness fell over the Chickamauga battlefield on September 19, 1863, the booming of cannon and crash of musketry slowly faded, only to be replaced by the cries of the wounded and … Continue reading

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Under Fire: The 17th Maine in “the immediate presence of death”

On the evening of December 12, 1862, Pvt. John Haley of the 17th Maine huddled around “the very smallest” of fires and tried to keep quiet. The regiment had moved into a reserve position along the Rappahannock River near the … Continue reading

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Under Fire: Mark Twain’s Experiences in the Confederate Militia

As I explored in a previous blog, Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens lived a complex life. One of the lesser-known facets of his life is his limited service during the American Civil War. Though it may not be a purely non-fiction retelling … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 10/25-10/31/21

If you had to pick a Civil War officer to lead you (and a regiment) for a first experience under fire, who would it be?

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Under Fire at Ball’s Bluff: “You Have Established Your Reputation”

“We crossed the river…under command of Colonel Lee, in all one hundred men, in a whale boat that would carry sixteen, and two small boats holding five and four respectively. I went over first, and found a steep bank one … Continue reading

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Under Fire: Just Before the Battle Mother?

While the majority of Civil War soldiers bravely stood their first experiences under fire, there were always those few looking for a quick retreat. A musical parody on the solemn tune “Just Before the Battle, Mother” poked threatening fun at … Continue reading

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Under Fire: “The Yanks on Top of the Hill North of the Creek Saw Us and Began Shooting Cannon at Us”

Over the past weekend, I’ve been reading the newly released book Rebel Correspondent, transcribed and annotated by Steve Procko. The highlight of the book is the post-war reminiscences of Private Arba F. Shaw who served in the 4th Georgia Cavalry. … Continue reading

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Under Fire: “You Did Not Wear The Marks Of The Muddy Trenches”

In May 1901, veterans of the 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery journeyed to Central Virginia, returning to the battleground at Harris Farm, north of Spotsylvania Court House. Thirty-seven years early these men had come under battle fire for the first time, … Continue reading

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Under Fire: “Till My Heart Sickens and War Is Not Glorious” — John Pelham at First Manassas

It had been three months since John Pelham of Alabama left West Point Military Academy under the cover of darkness and began his circuitous journey into the heart of the newly formed Confederacy. His months of waiting, asking for advice, … Continue reading

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