Question of the Week: 10/25-10/31/21

If you had to pick a Civil War officer to lead you (and a regiment) for a first experience under fire, who would it be?

22 Responses to Question of the Week: 10/25-10/31/21

  1. Frances Barlow. I am allergic to the feel of a flat cavalry blade across my back and he would recognize that allergy and make sure it applied to me and my ability to move, shoot and charge. I’d welcome his discipline, knowing he was right behind me.

  2. “Well, Govan, if we must die, let us die like men.” Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne. Who could not follow such a man with the ultimate conviction to duty that he possessed?

  3. August Willich – absolutely superb regimental and brigade commander, plus a man who looked after the troops.

  4. Let’s not forget Artillery Reserve Brigades of the AOP. Freeman McGilvery is my choice. His personal courage and tactical brilliance helped to save the Union main line on Cemetery Ridge on July 2, 1863.

  5. Joshua Chamberlain, 20th Maine. Leadership from the front, natural ability/thinking on his feet, compassion, courage. Saved the Union left at Little Round Top, Gettysburg.

  6. Col. John McLane, 83rd Pennsylvania. Killed at Gaines’ Mill. The unit was well drilled and disciplined. His last order was to hold the ground to the end. Gen. Butterfield had to send an officer to order them to retreat as they intended to follow McLane’s order.

  7. Col. William Francis Bartlett. By the time he takes new regiments into battle, he had experience and knew what to do…although his leadership at the company was notable and resourceful at his first battle (Ball’s Bluff.)

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