Under Fire: Conclusion

Wow! This series ran nearly a month, and so many great accounts and perspectives were shared by ECW authors and guest authors over the last few weeks. Thank you to all the writers and to all the readers and commenters for helping to create this special series as part of the 160th Anniversary of the Civil War.

If you missed posts in the series or if you want a quick reference with all the links for the future, here’s the list:

First Experiences Under Fire: An Introduction

Under Fire: “A Scene of Consternation and Confusion” according to Sam Watkins

Under Fire: A Bullet and Blood at Bull Run

Under Fire: “Death waited often at our door”

Under Fire: Is Past Always Prologue?

Under Fire: The Regiment & The Youth

Under Fire — Feeling Something Warm: A Gunner on USS Congress in the Battle of Hampton Roads

Under Fire: First Ironclad Shots at the Head of Passes

Under Fire: “Till My Heart Sickens and War Is Not Glorious” — John Pelham at First Manassas

Under Fire: “You Did Not Wear The Marks Of The Muddy Trenches”

Under Fire: “The Yanks on Top of the Hill North of the Creek Saw Us and Began Shooting Cannon at Us”

Under Fire: Just Before the Battle Mother?

Under Fire at Ball’s Bluff: “You Have Established Your Reputation”

Under Fire: Battlefield Guide Map for the Charge of the First Maine Heavy Artillery

Under Fire: Question of the Week: 10/25-10/31/21

Under Fire: Mark Twain’s Experiences in the Confederate Militia

Under Fire: The 17th Maine in “the immediate presence of death”

Under Fire: “I never witnessed a battle field before”

Under Fire: The Knoll of the 60th Ohio at Spotsy

Under Fire – ECW BookChat: A Fine Introduction to Battle by Joe Owen

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