Leading to Antietam

Workers from The Party Palace set up tents near the battlefield visitor center earlier this week.

Antietam National Battlefield has been abustle all week in preparation for this weekend’s commemorative activities surrounding the sesquicentennial of the battle. The NPS and several partner organizations have an impressive slate of events planned. Things get underway the morning of September 14.

Emerging Civil War will commemorate the anniversary of the battle with content updated throughout the day on Monday, September 17.

We also thought we’d offer you the opportunity to look back at some of the pieces we’ve written about Antietam over the past fourteen months:

A review of Bradley Gottfried’s excellent The Maps of Antietam

Prelude to Antietam“—a look at some of the minor engagements that led up to the Battle of Antietam as the armies moved northward

Unholy Sabbath“—a review of Brian Jordan’s books about the Battle of South Mountain

If Meade had known…“—a reflection on the power of hindsight…and the crushing weight such knowledge might’ve had on the men about to make the first attack across Antietam’s cornfield

A Story of Heroism…and Coffee“—a monument commemorates President William McKinley’s role in the Battle of Antietam

Shepherdstown: The Last Clash of the Antietam Campaign“—a review of Thomas McGrath’s book on Shepherdstown, Sept. 19-20

A World on Fire: Union Foreign Policy with Great Britain“—the Federal victory at Antietam had wide-ranging global implications for both North and South

Remembering 9/11 and the Battle of Antietam“—The Battle of Antietam suggests we’ll forget the lessons of 9/11

Ask, & You Shall Receive“—a quick anecdote about Lincoln and McClellan

Here’s some of the Antietam-related photography we’ve featured:

Burnside’s Bridge at Antietam by Kathleen Logothetis

Rohrbach Bridge (Burnside’s Bridge) by Kristopher D. White

Indiana at Antietam by Kristopher D. White

A Break in the Clouds (the Philadelphia Brigade Monument) by Kristopher D. White

Antietam on the Edge of the Storm (the Cornfield) by Chris Mackowski

September 17, 1862 (the Bloody Lane) by Chris Mackowski

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