Year In Review: Civil War Cookin’

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It was just a 7 day, short, almost-silly blog post series, but it was sure fun to write and publish. And it was well received by readers! “Civil War Cookin’ ” guaranteed a new article every day of Thanksgiving Week (2016).

Exploring different foods (beyond the standard hardtack and coffee), recipes, and culinary stories from the Civil War era, the series opened a new, lighter genre of articles on ECW – an attempt to reach to a new audience of history buffs who want different topics than battles and campaigns. Don’t worry battles, campaigns, leadership, etc. etc. still remain the core focus of ECW, but we are seeking some opportunities to occasionally share other Civil War history topics and writing angles.

Getting hungry? You will be after you check out the collection of articles:

Civil War Cookin’: An Introduction

Civil War Cookin’: Cornbread – All American

Civil War Cookin’: Don’t You Want Some Pie?

Civil War Cookin’: Learning To Make Bread

Civil War Cookin’: Don’t Cry…It’s Just An Onion

Civil War Cookin’: A Soldier’s Thanksgiving

Civil War Cookin’: What To Do With Leftovers According To Major Pendleton


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