Now Available from the Emerging Civil War Series: The Battle of Monocacy

monocacy-book-just-arrivedThe latest Emerging Civil War Series book is shipping from the printer this week: Determined to Stand and Fight: The Battle of Monocacy by Ryan T. Quint, published by Savas Beatie, LLC. (click here to order!)

In early July 1864, a quickly patched together force of outnumbered Union soldiers under the command of Maj. Gen. Lew Wallace prepared for a last-ditch defense along the banks of the Monocacy River. Behind them, barely fifty miles away, lay the capital of the United States, open to attack. Facing Wallace’s men were Lt. Gen. Jubal Early’s Confederates. In just over a month, they had cleared the Shenandoah Valley of Union soldiers and crossed the Potomac River, invading the north for the third time in the war. Determined to Stand and Fight tells the story of that pivotal encounter and an even more pivotal campaign that went right to the gates of Washington, D.C.

Readers can enjoy the narrative and then easily follow along on a nine-stop driving tour around the battlefield and into the streets of historic Frederick. The book also features a foreword penned by legendary historian Ted Alexander. Appendices include a look at Frederick’s medical legacy, authored by Jake Wynn of the Museum of Civil War Medicine;, and the The Johnson-Gilmor Raid, authored by Phillip Greenwalt. Quint authored additional appendices on the civilians of the battlefield, the ransom of Frederick, and the literary legacy of Lew Wallace. And of course, the book features the distinctive cartography of Hal Jespersen.

We’ll hear more from Ryan about writing the book next week. In the meantime, a limited number of autographed copies are available from the publisher.

7 Responses to Now Available from the Emerging Civil War Series: The Battle of Monocacy

  1. As a proud Alum of Lew Wallace High School of Gary, Indiana, I look forward to buying and reading this book. Will pick it up at Symposium.

  2. So happy and proud to publish this series, and work with all these wonderful writers. Even Chris M. 🙂 Onward.

      1. Heh. I am foolish enough to do a lot of things. Like leave a trial lawyer’s wages for publishing, play in a rock band, and ask my girlfriend to move in. I was WISE when said okay to you, buddy.

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