Year in Review 2017: #1

It is now time to reveal our #1 most-read post of 2017. Last year, TV icon Mary Tyler Moore sadly passed away. Eric J. Wittenberg chronicled her Civil War connection on January 25, 2017.  In Memory of Mary Tyler Moore became the most-read post of the year.



2 Responses to Year in Review 2017: #1

  1. Mr whittenburg despite the fact you work as a lawyer you put out books faster than any Corporation I know of LOL, you are a machine but the thing is you don’t just put out books I’m sure there’s other people that could do that too the thing is you put out a ton of books yet somehow you find the time to make sure they’re all QUALITY books, and that sir, is why I will always hold you in such high regard and the fact you wrote my favorite Civil War Book despite the fact I have roughly 350, sir your Devil’s to pay concerning Buford at Gettysburg I probably read twice a year. Someday somebody will write a book and how you managed to put out such a high quantity of books while working as a lawyer also yet it wasn’t the high quantity of books that was impressive it was the fact the high quantity were all high quality,. And that sir is what makes you so special

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