On Location: Charlotte, NC

Jefferson Davis plaqueOne of the most oddball monuments I’ve ever seen is in Charlotte, North Carolina, embedded in the sidewalk. Last summer, I finally went On Location to seek it out: the spot where Jefferson Davis heard the news about Lincoln’s assassination. Check out the video on ECW’s YouTube page.

As part of my quest, I also spoke with ECW’s Bert Dunkerly about the episode. Bert wrote about it in his ECWS book To the Bitter End: Appomattox, Bennett Place, and the Surrenders of the Confederacy. He’s really the star of the video!

For other reactions to Lincoln’s death, check out Ashley Webb’s post from April 15, 2015—one of ECW’s most popular posts ever.

2 Responses to On Location: Charlotte, NC

  1. There are lots of neat historical markers on the sidewalks of Charlotte. We’ve been going there for years to watch football games, and we have literally stumbled upon them. We always seem to ‘discover’ a new one when we walk the streets near the stadium. By the Marriot on East 4th Street is a marker that represents the home Stonewall Jackson’s widow moved to after the War. Quite a bit of fascinating history has taken place there.

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