No NPS? No Problem!—Richmond Battlefield (Kentucky)

Pleasant View, a prominent landmark on the Richmond (KY) Battlefield and witness to the fighting on August 30, 1862

Day Nine (part one) in a series coinciding with the federal government shutdown

The most complete Confederate victory of the war occurred on August 29 and 30, 1862, as Confederate troops under Major General E.K. Smith smashed a motley U.S. force outside Richmond, Kentucky. After preliminary skirmishing on the 29th, the Confederates drove the Federals from three positions in all-day fighting, capturing 4400 of the 7000 men opposing them, versus a loss of less than 1000 men. This defeat opened the road to Lexington and Frankfort.

Today the Richmond Battlefield (founded 2001) covers over 400 acres managed by Madison County, Kentucky, and the Battle of Richmond Association. It is a success story of public/private partnerships for preservation. Their website is here:

Fun fact: Both Union and Confederate forces at Richmond were called the Army of Kentucky.

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