Question of the Week for March 10, 2014

What is your favorite movie (or mini series) about the Civil War?


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12 Responses to Question of the Week for March 10, 2014

  1. Daniel Davis says:

    The Horse Soldiers.

  2. cc2001 says:

    Glory. But as awful as Gods and Generals was I loved Stephen Lang’s performance as Stonewall Jackson!

  3. joe truglio says:

    The Red Badge of Courage with Audie Murphy

  4. David Corbett says:

    The 1951 “Red Badge of Courage,” but “Ride with the Devil,” is a close second.

  5. charles martin says:


  6. Brent Oman says:

    For me – not even close – Glory.

  7. Meg Thompson says:

    GWTW, although I blush to admit it. Glory, Lincoln, Gettysburg–all are such great movies, but GWTW was my first favorite.

  8. Ron Maxwell needs to learn that people do not speak in soliloquies.

  9. Lincoln is now my favorite, but it’s not so much a war movie as it is a movie about a guy during wartime.

    When I was a kid, “The Blue & The Gray” made a huge impression on me. Watching it now, I see how quaintly melodramatic it was (although not so melodramatic as “North & South), and it has virtually every single Civil War trope in it you can imagine. But still, it was good entertainment!

  10. Gettysburg much more history correct then Glory. Yet glory LAST SCENE ON THE BEACH PRIOR TO THE ASSAULT WAS A TEAR JERKIER MY FAVORITE SCENE

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