“Dawn of Victory” has arrived!


Edward S. Alexander’s new Emerging Civil War Series book is now out: Dawn of Victory: Breakthrough at Petersburg. If you’re around the Cockade City for 150th anniversary events this week, be sure to pick up a copy.

While copies are just now hitting bookshelves, their availability is still limited over the next few days as the distributor makes deliveries. You can be certain to get copies at Pamplin Historical Park (where Edward works as a ranger), and various bookstores at Petersburg National Battlefield. Amazon orders, we’re told, will be shipping soon.

1 Response to “Dawn of Victory” has arrived!

  1. NO I never had an intention of going, just trying to be funny HA HA

    I will probably get into the 2nd box today sometime have about 5 short ones from the 1st box left

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