What do you think of the Emerging Civil War Series?

Ted Savas, publisher of the Emerging Civil War Series, is looking for a little feedback on the book series. He’s put up a poll on his site: http://savasbeatie.blogspot.com/

Of course, we’d love to hear your comments here, too!

As a heads up, the next two books in the series are at the printer now: A Want of Vigilance: The Bristoe Station Campaign by Bill Backus and Rob Orrison and The Aftermath of Battle: The Burial of the Civil War Dead by Meg (Thompson) Groeling. Look for details on both coming soon!

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8 Responses to What do you think of the Emerging Civil War Series?

  1. Dale Fishel says:

    That’s a simple request…keep ’em coming! I read the vast majority of the articles and keep copies of many for future reference. I thoroughly enjoy the website and appreciate the dedication of those of you who work so hard to keep it relevant and interesting. Thank you.

  2. Robert LaPolla says:

    The emerging civil war series is fantastic. Incredible amt of info in relatively quick read. Want wilderness book, also day 2 and day 3 Gettysburg . How about a GK Warren book? Very controversial general

  3. joe truglio says:

    Love the series. A highlite of my day when you post. Keep up the great work!

  4. Grant Welty says:

    Great series! As others have commented, thanks for the hard work and dedication on everyone’s part that makes these happen. Looking forward to future book releases as well as the articles on the web. I really enjoy the series; they allow me to both ‘visit’ new places and recall trips to places I’ve been. Any plans for content on the Maryland, Shiloh, or Vicksburg campaigns?

  5. Robert LaPolla says:

    Forgot to mention need for Antietam, and bullrun I and II books, in addition to Gettysburg days 2 and 3 and wilderness. Like the series very much

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