Happy Thanksgiving 2015

We asked a few of our authors to share what they were thankful for this year. Assuming everyone would say “family and friends,” we asked them what else they were thankful for. Here are a few of their answers:

Sarah Kay Bierle:
I’ll be materialistic and a little irreverent in my thanks this year… I’m thankful for books, microfilm, and microfilm readers. 😉

If you prefer a more serious, thought-provoking answer… I’m thankful for America’s heritage of freedom and the patriots of all generations who have fought on the battlefields or in the legislative halls to maintain our Constitutional liberties.
Daniel T. Davis:
I’m thankful for the ability to do something with a subject, the Civil War, that I love.
Phillip Greenwalt:
I’m thankful for the new opportunity I’ve been given in the Everglades of Florida with the NPS. I”m thankful for the beginning of Emerging Revolutionary War and the possibilities that beckon for the future of that. And I’m thankful for the publication of my third co-authored book with one of my best friends, Dan Davis.
Chris Kolakowski:
I’m thankful for a doorknob on the inside of the door. I once heard Everett Alvarez, Jr., the longest-held POW in Vietnam (1964-1973) give a speech and he commented that when you don’t have a knob on the inside of the door, it really changes your outlook on life and how little control you now have over your life or your circumstances.
Chris Mackowski:
I’m grateful that I have the chance to tell stories for a living—and to help others tell them, too. That’s at the heart of what I do in the classroom, and it’s at the heart of what we do here at ECW. It’s why I write. It’s a particular privilege to tell the stories of sacrifice that I get to share, so that those sacrifices don’t get forgotten. We have what we have today because of those who came before us. I try not only to remind people of that but help them remember to be thankful for it, as well.

2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving 2015

  1. I am happy and thankful about marrying Robert, publishing a book, being a thesis away from a Masters in Military History, and just about everything else that has touched my life this year. I am also happy to be home in one piece from travels so that I could post this!

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