Question of the Week: 7/18-7/24/16


Have you read an unforgettable historical account of a child’s experience during the Civil War era?

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  1. I have read many, but one I continue to return to is written by Joel Chandler Harris, of Uncle Remus fame. (Remember, Disney’s Song of the South is a movie, and it was not written by Harris!). Harris was a little guy when Sherman marched through his Georgia home, and Harris wrote of the wonder he experienced as he sat on a fence rail next to the road and watched Sherman’s army march by, and march, and march–all day and into the night–bringing freedom with them, and looking pretty grand to a child under ten. They seemed pretty grand, compared to the local Home Guards, I am guessing.

  2. In an original letter that I have, written on 12 May 1862, from around New Market, Va. the following anecdote was related. “Banks column” had all fallen back on New Market the night before father left. Aunt Ann Moore and all were very much frightened, thinking that they were going to have another battle She has seen a good deal of it. “Ashby’s Cavalry” was on one side of her house and the “Union forces” on the other and some of the shell went directly over the house. Little Oscar her little boy, was on the fence watching them and when they fired the first shot he ran in the house and said to her “Mother I do believe them men shot at me”

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