Smile and Say “ECW”!

And this wasn’t even all of us….

ECW Group 2016 Symposium

Our thanks to photographer Emmy Kolbe, who captured this group shot of us on the steps of the Riddick House at the Third Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge last weekend.

Front Row (from left): Dave Powell, Dan Davis, Kevin Pawlak, Sarah Kay Bierle, Caroline Davis, Steve Davis, and Phill Greenwalt

Second Row: Dwight Hughes and Steward Henderson

Third Row: Chris Mackowski, Liam McGurl, and Edward Alexander

Fourth Row: Kris White, Dan Welch, and Chris Kolakowski

Back: Lee White, Ryan Quint, Rob Orrison

A number of our regulars weren’t able to make to Spotsylvania this year, but they were with us in spirit, including Jimmy Brooks, Bert Dunkerly, Meg Groeling, Derek Maxfield, and Eric Wittenberg. Also missing, our treasurer, Jennifer Mackowski, who was behind the scenes tending to business.

The symposium has proven to be an important time for us to not only get together and meeting our readers and share our scholarship, but it’s become a treasured time for face-to-face interaction for a peer group that is, quite literally, spread out all over the country.

Our thanks again to everyone who made this year’s symposium such a success!

4 Responses to Smile and Say “ECW”!

  1. Great event. Bringing my brother next time. Will register early. Very entertaining speakers. Didn’t want to leave to visit the restroom. Afraid I’d miss something!! Great discussion with other attendees. With pass the word about ECW. You guys have it figured out. The right combination of education, information, opinion and especially, HUMOR!!

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