Question of the Week: 8/22-8/28/16

Question-HeaderIf you could receive a personal letter from a historical person in the Civil War era, who would you like to receive one from?

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  1. From my great-great-grandmother who saw her husband and three sons go to war with Ohio regiments. She maintained the family farm, cared for 5 children during this period and was reported to have “broken” horses in her husband’s absence! The loss of her eldest son’s life (105th OVI) must have been heart-wrenching – what words might she have used to express her sorrow?

  2. From my great uncle through marriage Felix Kaufman, a private in the 200th Pennsylvania, who lost part of a leg during his regiment’s taking back Fort Stedman so I could get to know more about the person who married my grandfather’s sister and what impact the disability had on his post-war life.

  3. tWO
    Ist Lt. Jackson Via of the 36 th Va. Inf. co.B who i so proudly portrayed in 28 yrs of reenacting.
    Major Edward B D Riley who has a West Point Grad and the son of Brig Gen, Bennet Riley of the U.S. Army lived in Buffalo NY choose to side with the Confederacy . Return to Buffalo and died there in 1918

  4. If “historical” does not mean famous, I would choose one of my great-great-grandfathers, John Hofstetter, a Swiss immigrant in the 3rd Induana Cavalry (1st day of Gettysburg and other famous Eastern battles) or Benjamin Franklin Davis of the 7th West Virginia Cavalry (no such “glamorous” battles as my other ancestor.)

    For a more traditional “historical” person, it would have to be Abraham Lincoln. Many of his writings survive, but having a letter from him would be amazing,

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