ECW5: Happy 5th Anniversary, ECW


5th Anniv Cake CuttingSo, as you probably heard, ECW had an anniversary this month. The big “5”!

I know, I know, we weren’t too shy about sharing the news. After all, it was a pretty big deal for us, and we were pretty excited. We’ve come a long way in five years.

At the Symposium, we celebrated with some cake (which Kris and I cut and then shared with 100+ of our closest ECW friends). We gave away some awards. We announced some projects. We had a pretty good time.

In the midst of the hoopla, I asked my colleagues to take a second and think about their favorite thing about ECW. Maybe a blog post or a book or an event. Maybe something someone once said or a writing experience that was particularly rewarding.

As we transition from August into September, we’ll wrap up our anniversary celebration by sharing some of those memories. We hope you’ll share some of yours, too.

And most of all, we hope there are many more memories to come!

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