Question of the Week: 8/29-9/4/16

Question-HeaderWhat historical Civil War account would you like to see developed into a true-to-the-story movie or documentary?

11 Responses to Question of the Week: 8/29-9/4/16

  1. Wilder’s Lightning Brigade, combining movement (mounted infantry) and firepower (Spencer repeating rifles)

  2. A biopic of Robert Smalls, a slave who commandeered a Confederate transport and snuck [sneaked?] his family and other slaves past Charleston’s defenses, became a pilot for the U.S. Navy, joined the Freedman’s Bureau, and eventually became a militia major general, a businessman, and a Congressman.

  3. The story of Jack Hinson.

    His story is similar to that of Jimmy Stewart’s fictional character in the movie, “Shenandoah.” Hinson’s 2 sons, caught by a Union patrol with hunting rifles, were executed and beheaded. The Union soldiers then impaled the Hinson’s boys’ heads at the family farm’s gateposts. How Jack Hinson exacted revenge is quite the story. I envision Clint Eastwood as an elderly Jack Hinson narrating the story as he sits in a rocking chair on his porch after the WBTS. The film would open with Hinson (Eastwood) leaning forward and spitting tobacco juice on the shoe of a young New York Times’ reporter; then squinting and, speaking in a slow drawl begins with, “Well, son, it was like this . . .”

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