Question of the Week: 10/24-10/30/16


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In your opinion, what was the most important political event of the war?

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10 Responses to Question of the Week: 10/24-10/30/16

  1. The Captain says:

    Reelection of President Abraham Lincoln in 1864.

  2. Brian L. says:

    Lincoln’s election in 1860. Hard to see the Southern states seceding if not for that.

  3. mchardy2014 says:

    On the Southern side, the Confederate Conscription Act of April 1862. The Act split a already divided South into two opposing or warring, sides.

  4. Chris Kolakowski says:

    Re-election of Lincoln is up there on my list. I’d also say when Britain and France contemplated and then refused to offer mediation and Confederate recognition in the fall of 1862.

  5. Dale Fishel says:

    The Lincoln assassination. His survival held hope for true reconciliation. “Reconstruction” became a real disaster, the effects of which we suffer to this day.

  6. Meg Groeling says:

    The election of Lincoln, both times. After looking at the candidates, I do not think anyone else could have done even part of the job AL did. I also think his assassination was the most tragic death of the war–even more tragic than Ellsworth’s . . . but don’t tell EE.

  7. Bob Ruth says:

    No. 1 – South Carolina’s secession. No 2 – Lincoln’s re-election.

  8. The Captain says:

    How about General Lee surrendering at Appomattox rather than ordering his soldiers to scatter and fight guerrilla style.

  9. Lincoln’s election and re-election jumped to mind, but, in an effort to be different, let me suggest a similsr one – the splitting of the Democratic Party into 2 factions. Douglas or Breckenridge (or a different nominee) may have still lost to Lincoln anyway, but the lack of a unified opposition only helped the Republican candidate’s chances.

  10. I believe the assassination of Pres. Lincoln was the most political even t As it reflects on our country now as then in a negative way .

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