ECW Digital Shorts – The Union’s Great Crisis

digital-shorts-first-coversThis fall Emerging Civil War rolled out a soft release of three titles to kick off a new series called the Digital Shorts. These essays consist of extended blog posts, transcribed presentations, and “deleted scenes”–i.e., submissions that while well-written were better on their own than as chapters or appendices in the Emerging Civil War Series or Engaging the Civil War Series. Available exclusively on Amazon Kindle, these articles will not replace any free blog content. Rather the hope is to generate a small hosting fund to continue the same website experience we hope everyone has come to appreciate with no pop-ups or advertisements.

I will be highlighting each of the first three editions to the Digital Shorts this week, beginning with Chris Kolakowski’s “The Union’s Great Crisis: The Fall of 1862” – an introduction to the political and military events shaping the pivotal period from September 1862 to January 1863, featuring dual Confederate invasions, the Emancipation Proclamation, midterm elections, Antietam, Perryville, and (appropriately on today, the 154th anniversary of the battle’s final day) Stones River. Available on Amazon Kindle –

About Edward Alexander

Edward Alexander is a freelance cartographer at Make Me a Map, LLC. He is a regular contributor for Emerging Civil War and the author of Dawn of Victory: Breakthrough at Petersburg.
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