On Location: Jackson’s HQ Museum

Stonewall Jackson’s Headquarters in Winchester, Virginia, doesn’t reopen for the season until April 1, but passing through town, I couldn’t resist the chance for a quick video On Location.

For more information:

One of two wartime photographs of Jackson was taken in Winchester during the winter he worked there. Sarah Kay Bierle offered details in a November 11, 2015 post.

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4 Responses to On Location: Jackson’s HQ Museum

  1. Mark Leach says:

    Love your short videos!!! Do you have Ellwood on the list? Don’t want Ozzie to be the only celebrity who shot video of Jackson’s arm burial site!

  2. Rob Wilson says:

    I agree with Mark… the videos are very interesting. You ought to pitch a Civil War heritage show on the Travel Channel or PBS.

  3. John Maginn says:

    Hi Chris, just pulled in to Winchester. Checking out the area. We’ve been here before, but wanted to get back when it was a bit cooler. Will visit Cedar Creek and New Market, too. Any favorites, shouldn’t miss?

  4. Diane Mcvey says:

    My daughter,Kelly has studied Stonewall since we began visiting battlefields when she was very young.I am so happy to see young historians such as yourself have continued to learn and educate others about the American Civil War.You have picked up the mantle of Shelby Foote and so many others/

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