Modern Photography: Fredericksburg Favorites

Through the years, Emerging Civil War has featured quite a few photo essays from Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park. As we looked around the ECW Archives for some of the best photos at this location, we just couldn’t pick one favorite essay revealing Fredericksburg’s stories.

Today, we offer you a selection through three archived blog posts. Enjoy the many seasons and views at Fredericksburg…

See Fredericksburg’s summer colors in a 2013 photo essay by Chris Mackowski:

Orange Flowers and Amber Waves: Fredericksburg Photographed

"Amber Waves" by Chris Mackowski
“Amber Waves” by Chris Mackowski

Check out this 2014 photo essay, featuring locations and markers along Fredericksburg’s Sunken Road. The photographer was Jackson Mackowski.

Shooting Along Fredericksburg’s Stone Wall

Photography by Jackson Mackowski

And last (but not least), here’s a more recent photographic study of Fredericksburg in winter. Shot by Chris Mackowski this January (2017), these images will either make you long for winter to continue or wish for spring to hurry its arrival. Whatever your wish—enjoy the beauty of the scene!

Snow Along The Sunken Road



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  1. My hope is that the photo series will continue. I plan to do some work here in the Central Coast of CA area on Sherman, and would love to offer those images later in the year. I feel certain that others appreciate the opportunity to share as well. This has been one of ECW’s best ideas ever! Huzzah!

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