Coming Soon: All the Fighting They Want by Steve Davis

Layout 1We’re getting ready for the launch of our spring books in the Emerging Civil War series. At the printer now is the much-anticipated second volume in Steve Davis’s two-part recounting of the battles for Atlanta: All the Fighting They Want: The Atlanta Campaign from Peachtree Creek to the City’s Surrender, July 18-September 2, 1864.

Steve, a Georgia native, is the world’s foremost authority on the Atlanta campaign, tells the tale of the last great struggle for the city. His Southern sensibility and his knowledge of the battle, accumulated over a lifetime of living on the ground, make this an indispensable addition to the Emerging Civil War Series (published by Savas Beatie). 

All the Fighting They Want picks up the story where Steve left off in A Long and Bloody Task: The Atlanta Campaign from Dalton through Kennesaw Mountain to the Chattahoochee River, May 5-July 18, 1864.

From the back cover of All the Fighting They Want:

John Bell Hood brought a hang-dog look and a hard-fighting spirit to the Army of Tennessee. Once one of the ablest division commanders in the Army of Northern Virginia, he found himself, by the spring of 1864, in the war’s Western Theater. Recently recovered from grievous wounds sustained at Chickamauga, he suddenly found himself thrust into command of the Confederacy’s ill-starred army even as Federals pounded on the door of the Deep South’s greatest untouched city, Atlanta.

His predecessor, Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, had failed to stop the advance of armies under Federal commander William T. Sherman, who had pushed and maneuvered his way from Chattanooga, Tennessee, right to Atlanta’s very doorstep. Johnston had been able to do little to stop him.

The crisis could not have been more acute.

Hood, an aggressive risk-taker, threw his men into the fray with unprecedented vigor. Sherman welcomed it.

“We’ll give them all the fighting they want,” Sherman said.

He proved a man of his word.

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  1. All of these books are really good (I may be a tad biased, but still…) and Steve’s are right there at the top. He is a wonderful writer, gifted researcher, and knows his stuff inside and out.

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