The Wilderness in Snapshots

Lafleur Wilderness-pathwayTo commemorate the anniversary of the battle of the Wilderness, we asked for some help from our friend Joe Lafleur. Joe is a volunteer with the Friends of the Wilderness Battlefield, and he’s always out and about on the field, all year ’round. During his explorations, he often shares with us photos of some of the cool things he finds. For this year’s anniversary, we asked Joe to share some of his favorite Wilderness photos that he’s taken over the past year.

Lafleur Wilderness-cannon EllwoodLafleur Wilderness-fieldLafleur Wilderness-foggy morningLafleur Wilderness-HaysLafleur Wilderness-mossy roofLafleur Wilderness-mushroomLafleur Wilderness-racoon

Lafleur Wilderness-snowy cannon

And perhaps the most curious photo of all, which might offer some clues as to how Jackson really lost his arm…

Lafleur Wilderness-Arm

Thanks, Joe!

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4 Responses to The Wilderness in Snapshots

  1. Meg Groeling says:

    I have to argue with the last photo–those cutters are far too modern for the mid-1800s. Rubber grips didn’t become common until much later. LOL??

    • Joe Lafleur says:

      Rats! I should have made that one B & W.
      I think the original caption was : General Jackson prefers things tidy before the Anniversary.

  2. Dianne Lafleur says:

    Joe is quite the artist.

  3. tuffncuddly says:

    Is that Rocket in the tree?!? Defender of the Galaxy and the Union!!!

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