Saturday’s Symposium Coverage

Jorgenson books

Jay Jorgensen, a great friend of ECW’s, is among the fifteen authors on hand with books to sell this weekend.

We had a super-great time last night in the opening session of this year’s Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge. Keynote speaker Brian Matthew Jordan wowed the audience with his account of the battle of South Mountain, Kelly Mezurek offered some interesting stories about black soldiers defending their liberty–and defending Confederate prisoners–and our historians’ panel turned the theme of “great defenses” on its head again and again, offering all kinds of brilliant insights and perspectives that extended beyond the battlefields.

We get down to business today with an ambitious schedule of eight speakers. You can follow along live on C-SPAN’s American History Television today beginning at 8:30 a.m. Meanwhile, on our Facebook page, we’ll be offering live behind-the-scenes interviews with our speakers and historians, so you can follow along there, too, for additional content.

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  1. Diane Mcvey says:

    Loved every minute Great presentations!

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