Read Along With Me: William Tecumseh Sherman’s Memoirs

Introduction to a series

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Last weekend, I went to Half Price Books and came across this Penguin Classics edition of Sherman’s Memoirs for $7.99.

I was especially interested to discover that this version was edited and annotated by the late Michael Fellman, who wrote a book about Sherman, along with several other acclaimed works. Fellman also penned the Introduction for this volume of Sherman’s memoirs; I’ll be interested to read his perspective. 

At some point during this journey through time with Sherman, I’ll travel down to Lancaster, Ohio, to visit the Sherman House Museum and check out his statue as well. I’ve heard through the local grapevine (I’m on the Board of Trustees for the Columbus Historical Society) that there were threats to the Sherman statue in Lancaster during last summer’s national controversy over Confederate monuments, so I’ll do a little digging into that situation as well.

I plan to read the Memoirs and write blog posts based on the following schedule:

Post 1: Introduction & Chapters 1-7

Post 2: Chapters 8-12

Post 3: Chapters 13-15

Post 4: Chapters 16-19

Post 5: Chapters 20-23

Post 6: Chapters 24-26

Post 7: Weekender trip to Lancaster

So, grab your copy at a local used book store, from your library, or online today, and read along with me! I’ll try my best to give dates as we go along. Right now, I expect to publish the first post by mid-April. I look forward to your comments, insights, and feedback in the coming weeks.


Julie Mujic, Ph.D. is a Scholar-in-Residence at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. She also owns Paramount Historical Consulting, LLC, and can be reached through

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  1. I look forward to engaging over these memoirs.
    Sherman’s complex personality and controversial career will provide rich fodder for discussion and contemplation.

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