Scenes from Vicksburg, Day 1 (part 2)

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We landed in Jackson, Mississippi, yesterday to kick off our Facebook LIVE events from the Vicksburg campaign. Although we presented the campaign a little out of order, we wanted to take advantage of being there, so Jackson became our first program.

Jackson Park 01
The sign at Battlefield Park explaining the action. The earthworks are mislabeled, though: they were built by Federals during the siege of Jackson in July 1863, not by Confederates during the May 1863 battle.

Jackson Park 03
A little bit of spray on the UDC monument looks like the slash of a highlighter marking the dates of the war.
Jackson Park Cannon
A pair of World War-era artillery pieces are placed at the park to represent the Confederate position. Confederates had four guns here during the (short) battle.

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