Scenes from Vicksburg, Day 2 (part three)

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We followed the route of Grant’s supply train from the Mississippi up toward the modern Raymond battlefield. One of the myth’s of the campaign is that Grant lived off the land, a la Sherman’s later March to the Sea, but in fact, he had a well-protected supply line.

At Raymond, we did a two-part Facebook LIVE (parts one and two) so that we could visit the two ends of the battlefield, which is maintained by a great Friends of Raymond Battlefield group. Historian Parker Hills is a former president of the group.

Parker Hills lays out the battle for Kris White, while the Trust’s social media guru, Connor Townsend, broadcast’s the program.

The Confederate artillery position has a reconstructed Whitworth cannon and two Napoleons. The Whitworth had a range of six miles, although no artillerists could actually see that far.
Raymond-Whitworth back
Whitworths were breech-loading pieces, so Parker opened up the breech to offer us a look inside.
Raymond-Whitworth front
Whitworths had hexagonal rifling to allow for greater accuracy over its longer range. This piece was loaded with “birdshot”–filled with birds nests!
The Federal position at Raymond is marked by a line of 22 cannon (Ruggles’ battery at Shiloh, by contrast, has only 14). Spaced 12 yards apart, they would have normally been deployed with 15 yards between them, but space limitations required improvisation.



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  1. Chris

    Been there done that, last October. This is great! Its fun to see comments about the supply line, since my ancestor, with the Iowa 25 Regiment, was located with the supply wagons. Is there a book coming on Grant’s supply line of the Vicksburg Campaign? Where were the Union supply wagons kept when Grant arrived at Vicksburg? Were there any supply boats on the Mississippi River near Sherman’s Corp at Vicksburg?

    The Iowa 25th Regiment was located in today’s cemetery near the Cairo. With the river right there. Were there any Union ships there on the banks supplying the Union troops?

    Robert Groeling

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