Scenes from Vicksburg, Day 2 (part two)

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When I got out of the car at the Windsor ruins, I was awed by what I saw: the skeletonal remains of an opulent plantation house accidentally destroyed by fire after the war.

We decided to do a quick, impromptu Facebook LIVE shoot from the site of ruins because we all just thought they were so cool.

Windsor Ruins 01
Twenty-three columns remain standing, each 45 feet tall. Wrought iron balcony fencing still connects columns along the former front of the building, and each column is topped by additional ornamental ironwork.

Windsor Ruins-sketch
This sketch of the former plantation house shows how palatial it was.
Windsor Ruins 02
There’s no truth to the rumor that Sherman and his men burned the house (a la the ’64 March to the Sea). It burned after the war when a guest, after lighting a cigarette, threw his match in a wastepaper basket in the kitchen.
Windsor Ruins Photos
Historic photos of the Windsor ruins are on display at the museum at Grand Gulf

Click here for more info on the Windsor ruins.

1 Response to Scenes from Vicksburg, Day 2 (part two)

  1. Chris

    Facinating place. It rained there when I visited. What about those wide canyons to the east of the mansion? What caused such sharp drops full of vines and trees? It was bazaar!

    Robert Groeling

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