Scenes from Vicksburg, Day 3 (part two)

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For most of the day on Thursday, we concentrated on sites in Vicksburg National Military Park. Here’s a little promo Kris shot. And here’s an introductory piece we did about artillery, featuring Parker Hills and the artillery display outside the park’s visitor center.

From there, we went to one of the most recognizable spots on the battlefield: the Shirley House and the Illinois monument, near the 3rd Louisiana Redan. We shot a video in front of the Shirley House–which Federal soldiers called “the white house”–and one in the redan itself, then we went down the road a piece to the Stockade Redan to talk about the action that took place there, too.

Shirley House historians
Historians Tim Smith Kris White, Scott Babinowich, and Parker Hills, with the Trusts social media guru Connor Townsend in front of the Shirley House

Shirley House rose
The Shirley House is the only wartime structure along the line that still stands. (see the link below for more info)
Illinois Monument-Scott
Scott Babinowich, Vicksburg National Battlefield’s Chief of Interpretation, explains the symbolic nature of the Illinois State Monument. (see link below for more info)
Orion Howe Dash of Courage
14-year-old drummerboy Orion Howe earned the Medal of Honor for actions in front of the Stockade Redan, relaying information to Gen. Sherman.


Click here for more information on the Shirley House, including a look at one of Vicksburg’s most iconic images.

Click here for more information on the Illinois State Monument

Click here for more information on Orion Howe.

Click here for more information on the Stockade Redan.

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