Artillery: What’s On The Series Header?

Have you identified the location of the cannon featured on the header image for the Artillery Series? Today, we’ll reveal the location…

It’s on Manassas National Battlefield Park. Battery Heights location and battlefield tour stop. If you’re looking at a current battlefield tour map from the park service, it’s Stop #2.

Both Union and Confederate artillery units held this position during the multi-day Second Manassas Battle in August 1862. Union cannoneers used it on August 28th to lob shells toward the fight at Brenner’s Farm while Confederate artillerymen unlimbered here on August 30th to fire on Union infantry heading for the Unfinished Railroad Cut.

The cannons on Battery Heights today mark the location of Captain William Chapman’s Dixie Artillery on August 30th and offer a wonderful opportunity to study an artillery position (and take photos).

Have you visited this location or other artillery positions at Manassas National Battlefield?

Photograph by Sarah Kay Bierle (used with permission)

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