Week In Review: June 17-24, 2018

This week we’ve had another full schedule as the Artillery Series continues and we a special interview appeared on the blog.

Sunday, June 17:

Artillery: On Sunday evening we shared an article for the artillery series from the archives, explaining how shrapnel was invented.

Monday, June 18:

Artillery: Question of the Week focused on artillery’s role in battle outcomes.

Artillery: Doug Crenshaw shared about artillery at the Battle of Malvern Hill.

The interview series with Brian Swartz about Maine and the Civil War began.

Tuesday, June 19:

Artillery: Kevin Pawlak wrote about Lieutenant Parsons at the Battle of Perryville.

A quote from Sam Watkin’s account about wood-choppers and the Kennesaw Line.

Maine at War, Part 2 – the conversation with Brian Swartz continued.

Wednesday, June 20:

Symposium Spotlight featured Doug Crenshaw who will be speaking at this year’s event!

Artillery: We revealed the location of the cannon on the artillery series header.

Chris Mackowski presented another primary source quote related to Vicksburg for the 155th Anniversary.

Maine at War, Part 3 – the conversation with Brian Swartz continued.

Thursday, June 21:

Artillery: Meg Groeling collected some poetry and thoughts about Civil War artillery.

Maine at War, Part 4 – the final “minutes” of the conversation with Brian Swartz

Friday, June 22:

Artillery: From the ECW archives, we shared an article about the effects of a shell.

Saturday, June 23:

Artillery: Guest author Kristen Pawlak wrote about the Pulaski Battery at the Battle of Wilson’s Creek.

Sunday, June 24:

This morning Sarah Kay Bierle shared about finding an original artillery manual at a research library

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