Question of the Week: 6/25-7/1/18

In your opinion, what is the most iconic artillery line or single cannon either on a battlefield today or in a Civil War photograph?

8 Responses to Question of the Week: 6/25-7/1/18

  1. As far as for today, the restored artillery line at Raymond, MS is impressive, but the artillery lined up along Seminary Ridge at Gettysburg has always been a favorite also.

    1. Ive been to the restored artillery line at Raymond. It is impressive. Talking to a supporter of the battlefield at Raymond as I walked the line was a nice touch. The field of harvested cotton in huge bails behind the cannons reinforced the historical agricultural importance of this region.

  2. As far as iconic, I would say Ruggles’ battery at Shiloh, opposite the Hornet’s Nest. But if folks ever get out to he battlefield at Raymond, they have an even more impressive display.

  3. Malvern Hill had demonstrated the power and efficiency of the Union artillery in particular. Confederate leaders and soldiers alike could look back on poor command and control as the principal cause of their defeat.

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