Week In Review: June 25 – July 1, 2018

The posting schedule was jammed this week with wonderful historical content. (We actually had to move to four posts a day at a couple points, which is a rare change from our typical scheduling!)

This week featured the final posts for our 2018 Artillery Series on the blog, and we finished strong. We also welcomed back several guest authors who contributed some fine posts to the historical offerings these past few days.

Monday, June 25:

Question of the Week focused on iconic cannons.

Artillery: Dwight Hughes wrote about the big guns at Fort Pulaski.

Dan Davis shared memorial details on the anniversary of the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Artillery: Sarah Kay Bierle typed up some primary source material from an 1860 field artillery manual.

Tuesday, June 26:

Artillery: Sarah Kay Bierle shared biographical research about Henry J. Hunt, who served as Chief of Artillery for the Army of the Potomac.

Meg Groeling found details about a duel in California as sectional conflict heated up on the road to the Civil War.

Guest author Rob Wilson’s mini-series about sharpshooters at the Battle of Yorktown started with Part 1.

Wednesday, June 27:

Symposium Spotlight featured breaking news! The event is almost sold-out…

An excerpt from Sam Watkin’s account remembered the “Dead Angle” on the Kennesaw line.

Artillery: From the archives, we rounded up articles about some Confederate artillerymen’s last stand at Sailor’s Creek and their commander, Stapleton Crutchfield.

Guest author Rob Wilson continued his mini-series “Trial by Fire for the U.S. Sharpshooters at Yorktown” (Part 2)

Thursday, June 28:

Artillery: Guest author Jon-Erik Gilot shared a story about a unique cannon called “Old Garibaldi”

Guest author Paige Gibbons-Backus wrote about finding important medical sources in the National Archive.

Guest author Rob Wilson concluded his mini-series about the sharpshooter’s experiences at Yorktown with observations on the “good death” of a comrade in the unit (Part 3).

Friday, June 29:

Chris Kolakowski started the day reflecting on World War II history in a Civil War Echoes blog post.

Artillery: Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about historic cannons displayed and preserved at Virginia Military Institute in an ECW Weekender article.

ECW’s June 2018 Newsletter is available!

Saturday, June 30:

Preservation News – there’s a new opportunity at Yorktown, spearheaded by American Battlefield Trust.

Artillery: Sarah Kay Bierle shared biographical research about John Pelham, commander of J.E.B. Stuart’s Horse Artillery.

Artillery: A parting shot and historical quote to close the series.

Artillery: The series conclusion featured a list of all the artillery posts for easy access and review.

Sunday, July 1:

This morning Chris Mackowski posted photos and historical information from his trip to Charleston, South Carolina.

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