Civil War Railroads – Conclusion

(Library of Congress)

About three weeks ago – on October 19, 2018 – Emerging Civil War called “all-aboard” and chugged into the history of railroads during America’s defining conflict. It’s been a good journey with details about traveling by rail, trains during campaigns, logistics, studies on specific rail lines, and adventurous accounts.

Now, it’s time to wrap up the 2018 Civil War Railroads Series, and start getting ready for the holidays on the blog. Thanks for your interest, and “thank you” to all the writers who contributed to this series and helped keep the history rolling!

In case you missed parts of the series or just want to read through start to finish, here’s a list of the blog posts:

Civil War Railroads – Introduction

Civil War Railroads: An Overview

Railroads: Images of Trains and Tracks

Railroads: “I took to it quite naturally.” Beauregard as Railroad Executive

Railroads: The Louisville and Nashville Railroad

Railroads: Management in the War

Railroads – The Virginia Central Railroad: A Target For Union Raids

Railroads – The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad: Confederate Target, Crucial Union Lifeline

ECW Weekender: The Depot Grille – Staunton, Virginia

Railroads – Tracks to the Antietam: The Railroad Supplies the Army of the Potomac, September 18, 1862

Railroads: From The ECW Archives

Railroads – The Inaugural Express: Abraham Lincoln’s Train Journey from Springfield to Washington

Railroads – McClellan’s Steam Strategy: Trains and Ships in the Civil War

Railroads: On Location at Tunnel Hill

Railroads: Lyon’s Life Line

Railroads – Riding the Rails: Union Soldiers Experience Train Transport in the Civil War

Railroads – Her Journey: Ladies Traveling In Mid-19th Century America

ECW Weekender: Gettysburg Lincoln Railroad Station

Railroads: A Little Music, A Little History About A Great Locomotive Chase

Railroads: A Few Extra Videos

Question of the Week: 11/5-11/11/18

Railroads – “The Seventh Have Come!”: The 7th New York, 8th Massachusetts, and the Rescue of Washington

Railroads: The B&O and the Battle of Monocacy

Railroads: Women Refugees and the Railroads

Railroads – Targeted: The Virginia & Tennessee Railroad

Railroads: Crossing An Ankle-Deep Obstacle

ECW Weekender: The California State Railroad Museum

Locomotive of the period, National Archives.

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  1. One last question about railroads. Are there any good accounts of the wreck of the supply train the union sent unmanned into the Chickahominyb river from Savages station during the 7 days battles.?

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