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Fallen Leaders: Conclusion

It’s started off as a short blog series to pair with the 2021 ECW Symposium theme, but it turned into a multi-week collection of articles about Fallen Leaders. Tonight, we’re wrapping up the “official” series and here’s a list of … Continue reading

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Recruiting The Regiment: Conclusion

It’s time to wrap up the recruiting series as the 160th Anniversary timeline inches ever-closer to the first major battle of the Civil War. Sending a big thank-you to all the ECW authors and guest authors who contributed their research … Continue reading

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On The Eve Of War: Conclusion

Wrapping up our journey through different historic locations “on the eve of war” and sending a big thank you to the authors who contributed and all the readers who have been following the posts. If you’ve missed any of the … Continue reading

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Home Libraries: Concluding The Saga

It’s been a couple weeks of going (virtually) from home to home and browsing the bookshelves. As the the series wraps up, we’ve compiled a list of all the posts for the blog collection. Sending a big thank you to … Continue reading

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Ending The War: Conclusion

We’re wrapping up the official series “Ending The War” and hope it provided some extra and interesting reading material these last few weeks. You’ll probably see a couple more posts in the coming weeks on the subject as we hit … Continue reading

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CW & Pop Culture: It’s A Wrap!

The ECW blog series always end with a post featuring links to all the articles in the recent series. So, today we’re wrapping up “The Civil War and Pop Culture” features and here’s the collection. Don’t forget to pick up … Continue reading

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John Brown’s Raid 160th: Conclusion

We’re wrapping up the official series for the 160th of John Brown’s Raid. You’ll probably see a couple more posts in the coming weeks so stay turned! Here’s a review of all the posts in the series.

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Primary Sources: Conclusion of a Series

Just over two weeks ago – on January 12, 2019 – Emerging Civil War authors started pulling books and files to share about some of our favorite primary sources on the blog. It’s fostered some great discussions and spotlighted some … Continue reading

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Civil War Railroads – Conclusion

About three weeks ago – on October 19, 2018 – Emerging Civil War called “all-aboard” and chugged into the history of railroads during America’s defining conflict. It’s been a good journey with details about traveling by rail, trains during campaigns, … Continue reading

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Artillery: Conclusion

Just over three weeks ago – on June 8, 2018 – Emerging Civil War called “fire” and exploded artillery history posts on the blog. We seemed to hit the target, giving spotlight to artillery units, commanders, and big guns while … Continue reading

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