Facebook LIVE from Payne’s Farm 155

Paynes Farm Four HistoriansToday is the 155th anniversary of the battle of Payne’s Farm, the most significant action of the Mine Run Campaign.

I had the chance to commemorate the day with the American Battlefield Trust out in the field and on Facebook LIVE. What a great day in the field with (from left to right, crossing the Payne Farm field) Tim Smith, Dan Davis, Garry Adelman, and ECW co-founder Kris White.

If you’d like to watch our series of Facebook broadcasts, you can (even if you don’t have Facebook):

Introduction to the day–and the Fall of 1863–from Remington, VA, (formerly known as Rappahannock Station)

The battle of Rappahannock Station, Nov 7, 1863, from the Louisiana Redoubt

On the banks of the Rappahannock River at Kelly’s Ford, talking about not only the November 7, 1863, action but also the March 17, 1863, battle

The site of Robinson’s Tavern in Locust Grove, VA, where the armies first engaged on Nov. 27, 1863

Payne’s Farm, scene of the most significant fighting



2 Responses to Facebook LIVE from Payne’s Farm 155

  1. Cannot connect to any Facebook broadcasts— unless I open an account.
    Is this an error or just Facebook’s policy??

    1. You should be able to just click the “play” arrow on the video without opening an account. If it asks you to create an account, you should be able to click an option that says “no” and still play the video.

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