Fredericksburg: Animated – Courtesy of American Battlefield Trust

For many of us at Emerging Civil War, Fredericksburg and its battlefield are familiar territory, even places where some of us started our journeys as public historians. And for those authors and editors in other parts of the country, Fredericksburg becomes an ECW hub every August during the annual symposium held near Spotsylvania Court House, not far from Fredericksburg.

With the 156th anniversary of the First Battle of Fredericksburg coming up this week, it’s time to review a little of that history and we’ll be offering new perspectives and voices on this history throughout the week. However, it can be really nice to have a solid introduction, understanding, or review of the conflict that raged between December 11-13, 1862, and American Battlefield Trust has a great animated map for all of us who love visual learning.

Whether you’re a newbie to studying the Civil War or a veteran researcher, these animated maps from American Battlefield Trust are great resources, and today we’re pleased to share their long version animated map of the Battle of Fredericksburg. Enjoy the learning or history review experience!

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