2018 Year in Review: Introduction

It’s time to kick off our 2018 Year in Review, looking back at the highlights of the last twelve months at ECW. In the next week, we’ll be featuring the top ten blog posts of the year, along with other posts spotlighting special series and accomplishments.

This year our regular weekly features included Question of the WeekECW WeekenderPreservation NewsWeek in Review, and Podcast announcements and extra resources. While easy to list, these posts are created behind the scenes by the ECW team to fit into the blog schedule and be available every week at a regular time.

We’re especially excited to make some of these blog features regular and weekly this year, bringing a little more structure to the schedule and (hopefully) giving you something to anticipate.

Let us know if you have a favorite weekly feature at ECW and get ready for the popular posts of the year – coming up next!

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