Week In Review: December 24-30, 2018

It might be the end of the year, but we’re finishing 2018 strong. It’s been a wonderfully busy holiday week on the ECW Blog! We’re hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas and/or peaceful holidays, and we added some historical good cheer at the beginning of the week.

During the days between Christmas and New Year’s, ECW traditional offers Year in Review and we’re counting down on the most popular blog posts of the year and enjoying the highlights of our 2018. Enjoy the exciting countdown, and we’ll be back with more great history blog posts in the new year – it’s already a schedule full of interesting articles and good surprises!

If you missed the holiday posts or Year in Review, we’ve got all the links below:

Monday, December 24

Question of the Week invited readers to stretch the imagination and decide where they’d spend a Civil War Christmas if they could time travel.

Tuesday, December 25

Christmas greetings from ECW with a snowy view of Fredericksburg!

Kristen Pawlak offered a surgeon’s perspective on Christmas 1863.

Derek Maxfield wrote about General Sherman’s Christmas in Savannah in 1864.

ECW traditions continue with a reposting of Meg Groeling’s famous post: I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day

Wednesday, December 26

Kicking off Year In Review...

It’s the #10 most popular post of the year!

#9 favorite post is…?

Thursday, December 27

Here comes the #8 most popular blog post of 2018…

Let’s talk about that major tech accomplish of the year: site migration.

Coming in at #7, most popular was…

The ECW December Newsletter is now available.

Friday, December 28

#6 most popular blog post goes to…

Celebrating the launch of the ECW Podcast in 2018!

It’s #5 in the popular blog post countdown!

Saturday, December 29

Don’t miss #4 in the top rankings of the year…

Check out those additions to the ECW bookshelf this year! Bravo authors!

It was the event of the year, the not-to-be-missed event (well, if you’re an ECW member or fan!): the Fifth Annual Symposium at Stevenson Ridge.

It’s been great working with other history organizations to support preservation and education.

Sunday, December 30

It’s #3 in the countdown of the most popular blog posts of 2018…

How many blog series did ECW run this year? Check it out!

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