Podcast Additional Resources: “The Last Road & The New Co-Host”

It’s time to round up some additional resources related to the ECW Podcast episode that released last week. Did you have a chance to hear it on Patreon?

Chris Mackowski and Dan Welch discussed the Army of Northern Virginia’s last campaign into northern territory.

You’ll find links to some of our favorite articles about the Gettysburg Campaign and Dan and Rob’s book which specifically addresses the road to Gettysburg.

The Last Road North by Rob Orrison and Dan Welch, Emerging Civil War Series, Savas Beatie Publishers, 2016.

The Gettysburg Campaign Begins

Gettysburg: How Did They Get Here?

In the “Hoofsteps” to Gettysburg: Touring the Loudoun Valley Campaign of June 1863

Not for Gain or Glory: The 1st Massachusetts Cavalry at Aldie

Second Winchester: The Confederate Victory that Opened the Door to Gettysburg

June 29-30, 1863

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