Week In Review: January 14-20, 2019

We hope you’re enjoying the Primary Sources series. If you’ve missed blog posts this week or want to read your favorites again, we’ve got the list for you!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and be sure to follow along next week as we continue the discussion about letters, diaries, and newspapers from the Civil War era…

Monday, January 14:

Question of the Week invited opinions on the ironies or coincidences of the war.

Primary Sources: Eric Wittenberg shared about his favorite newspapers from the 1860’s.

Tuesday, January 15:

Additional resources for the ECW Podcast about the Gettysburg Campaign are now available.

Primary Sources: Sean Michael Chick reconsidered his views on one of his favorite primary sources and drew new conclusions about St. John Richardson Liddell.

Wednesday, January 16:

Symposium Spotlight: Steve T. Phan will be speaking at the 2019 ECW Symposium.

Primary Sources: Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about Cadet J.B. Stanard’s letters and how they offer insight to boyhood, cadetship, and the Civil War.

Thursday, January 17:

Primary Sources: Dan Welch researched and wrote about the creation of Confederate Military History.

Doug Crenshaw shared about his recent battlefield touring with friends and colleagues.

Friday, January 18:

Primary Sources: Bert Dunkerly gave perspective on the Confederate Veteran magazine and its publication of first hand accounts.

ECW Weekender offered a re-run of the tour notes for White Oak Museum and Stafford Research Center.

Saturday, January 19:

Preservation News offers good news from the state of Tennessee!

Primary Sources: Jon-Erik Gilot wrote about finding and using local newspapers for solid sources.

Sunday, January 20:

Primary Sources: This morning we shared about a memorable primary source – a soldier’s letter from just before First Bull Run.

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