Week In Review: January 21-27, 2019

We featured more primary sources as part of our January series, and the new podcast kept with that theme, too! There are also articles for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Stonewall’s Birthday… And don’t forget to give a warm welcome to our newest guest author who shared two posts, focusing on memory and the writing of history.

Check out everything from the ECW Blog in this Week In Review, and get ready for another busy week and announcements of our plans for February.

Monday, January 21:

Question of the Week asked about your favorite primary sources.

Chris Mackowski visited Stonewall’s grave on the general’s birthday and shared some thoughts about the trip.

Sarah Kay Bierle offered part of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech about the Emancipation Proclamation’s place in history.

Tuesday, January 22:

A new ECW Podcast is now available! Kris and Chris talk about their favorite primary sources.

Primary Sources: Dwight Hughes shared about some of his favorite sources from his study on the CSS Shenandoah.

Primary Sources: Chris Mackowski offered perspective on the South’s views on slavery and its place in causes of the war.

Wednesday, January 23:

Symposium Spotlight: Ryan Quint will be speaking at the 2019 ECW Symposium.

Primary Sources: Meg Groeling highlighted common soldier’s voices found in some classic, published journals.

Guest author Christopher Martin shared about John Williams Jones’s connection to the dedication of a Confederate monument and the creation of Southern memory.

Thursday, January 24:

Primary Sources: Frank Jastrzembski wrote about a collection of interviews with Civil War generals that created valuable accounts.

Guest author Christopher Martin focused on the life and writings of John William Jones, who became known as “historian of the Confederacy.”

Friday, January 25:

Primary Sources: Paige Gibbons Backus detailed the creation and records of the official medical and surgical history from the Civil War.

ECW Weekender: With a focus on primary sources, Sarah Kay Bierle shared touring ideas for The Huntington Library in southern California.

Saturday, January 26:

Preservation News: Civil War history is getting new highlights in museums across the country!

Primary Sources: Dan Welch shared about the large, shelf-filling volumes of primary sources which are known affectionately as The ORs.

Sunday, January 27:

Primary Sources: Chris Mackowski wrote about the bureaucratic growth of the Official Records as more and more primary sources were collected.

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