Week In Review: February 11-17, 2019

It’s been a week of African American history highlights, historical accounts and artifacts for Valentine’s Day, and big news for the historic preservation community. Catch all the blog posts of the week in our traditional review:

Monday, February 11:

Question of the Week focused on abolitionists and the fight to end slavery.

Eric Wittenberg shared Part 5 of his study on evolving cavalry tactics.

Announcement about an upcoming event and program with the American Civil War Museum and Civil War Monitor.

Tuesday, February 12:

Additional Resources for the ECW Podcast “Decisions at Chickamauga” takes a journey through the blog archives.

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about one of her ancestors who helped Abraham Lincoln win the presidency.

Wednesday, February 13:

Symposium Spotlight: Dan Welch will be speaking at the 2019 ECW Symposium in August.

Meg Groeling offered Vinegar Valentines in Civil War perspective as the holiday approached.

Sarah Kay Bierle shared some 1863 poetry about USCT during the Civil War.

Thursday, February 14:

For Valentine’s Day, Sarah Kay Bierle shared a two part series about courtship during the Civil War and stories from Lexington, Virginia. Part 1 and Part 2

Friday, February 15:

Exploring the role of African American men – slave and free – in the Civil War navies with a look back some some wonderful articles and photographs from the ECW archives.

ECW Weekender encourages history buffs to visit Lincoln Park and evaluate the Emancipation Memorial in Washington D.C.

Saturday, February 16:

Preservation News features an updating on a bill that successful passed, became law, and will offer strong support for saving battlefields.

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